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June 04, 2012


Don Hall

I love it when you start preaching to MY choir.

Which is to say, Hallelujah!


What has surprised me is the number of 'new arts industry' folks who don't even care what current structures are! They avoid the whole 'this is how you setup a non-profit' deal and just make it work however they can. I hadn't made the connection between industrial companies creating the structure for non-profits, but it makes total sense and I can see your argument holds a lot of water. Let's see if those institutionalized individuals and the do-it-howevers can speak the same language and combine thoughts and ideas (and models) in the very near future...

Jay McAdams


24th Street Theatre, Los Angeles

Ron Russell

brilliantly articulated! can I re-post on my blog on Arts Journal, called "Theatrical Imperative?" I have not posted in a while due to illness and business, but am coming back with a bunch of posts this week and would love to include yours! Email me at RonRussell@epictheatreensemble.org to let me know -

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