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April 21, 2011



I could not agree more. I am perpetually stunned when artists with tremendous creativity fail to see that marketing is about relationships, not resources. (So is creativity, by the way.) Don't focus on what you don't have -- focus on what you do have, and make it work. You can do it!

Don Hall

Pretty easy to say when you have $3 million.

Sort of like Senators claiming that unemployed people like it that way.

Thanks for proving my earlier point.


I agree! I have $600 to spend on advertising. But I don't think it would make an ounce of difference at this stage. I am well versed enough in my audience yet and I also have not good grasp of how to reach my target audience. I even thought the other day about this...and even if I had $20,000 it would be money wasted.

I think for me the best thing is utilizing my skill-set (designer video/web) in creating adverts in engaging manner.

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