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April 19, 2011


Eric Ziegenhagen

Another model is the church one, in which everyone is welcome and the audience determines the value after the performance. Quest Theatre Ensemble, while not a best-known company in Chicago, practices this to successful effect. Imagine a parent with money in his or her pocket, after their kids have seen a successful show. Imagine a churchgoer at the end of a moving sermon, versus paying upfront to hear one. In this model, the person willing to pay $100 doesn't compete with the person who is out of a job but has a moving experience and donates $10,000 in five years.

Melissa F. Moschitto

Thanks for this, Adam. Perfect timing as we're about to launch a small advance sales campaign. We have no control over the pricing this time around but we're hoping to entice buyers by entering them into a raffle for a gift certificate if they purchase tickets by a certain time.

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