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October 20, 2010


Zena Vaughn

Hey Adam!

Do you think that small organizations- who are already doing high quality work- can afford to drop out of the public eye for a while? Does that loss of name recognition hurt those smaller companies?

Zena Vaughn
Penfold Theatre
Austin, TX


I think it's ok to go away for a while if you come back strong. Generally I think the public notices the project first, then the group that is doing it. I think that's particularly true for smaller arts organizations. So if you have a project that you think really will capture the public's imagination but it will take you 12-18 months of time and resources to make it happen I think "dropping out" is an option.

Plus, you aren't disappearing entirely. Through technology you can still stay in touch with people and let them know your progress. We see this often with musicians, who may release an album every year or so but still have a connection with their audience.

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