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October 05, 2010



Maybe this is splitting hairs, but the whole "how much can I charge" question should start with how much the audience is willing to pay, not with how much the art costs. The plain fact/generalization that we all know is that ticket buyers are not willing to pay the full cost of the art.

I agree that "how much should I charge" is a more important question, and one that brings strategic issues and challenges to the forefront, which is a good place for them. How much SHOULD we charge is a strategic question in the first place. Then, if that is answered, more thinking is required to figure out how to best sustain what we "should" do.

There is something that seems to be ignored by the opponents of dynamic pricing in this debate, though. That is the fact that most of us are not prevented from offering a variety of price points--some that emphasize access, and some that gladly accept as much support as a patron is willing to give.


I agree with Aaron. I don't believe that pricing for accessibility and pricing for perceived value are mutually exclusive. Most of us, indeed, offer a variety of price points.

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