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June 10, 2010



Oh Wow.

Hear hear!

I did not know I needed to read this post until I read it. As a person who does marketing, art, and fundraising, you are 100% correct. A marketing decisions is a fundraising decision is an artistic decision.

I decided to do graphic design for the Urban League by drawing inspiration from Colors Magazine. I wanted to make it graphically arresting, both with fonts and pictures. I wanted to create pictures that people couldn't look away from. And I think I succeeded. Of course, you be the judge. It's still up on their home page, http://ulpdx.org.

I think that at many small nonprofits, the fundraiser is the graphic designer is the marketer, so luckily the decisions are not going to be made in a vacuum, unless, of course, the fundraiser has some multiple personality issues going on.

I did a post about graphic design and its fundraising impact for nonprofits here: http://www.wildwomanfundraising.com/graphic-design-for-nonprofits/
and here:



Scott Harrison

Reminds of my favorite quote from the great Rudolf Bing, long time general manager of the Metropolitan Opera, that went something to the effect of, every business decision is an artistic one and every artistic decision is a business one. (It's in his memoir, 5000 Nights at the Opera.)


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