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March 29, 2010



Great blog post!

you do need to save money for a rainy day when you have a surplus.

Here's a way you might say it.
"We're setting this aside, as an endowment for our future."
"We don't know the funding climate next year, better save this now."
"We've got money now, sure, but this cushion will be exactly what we need when times are lean."


Tony Adams

I'm guessing it's not just a coincidence, the timing of that long comment about the old company and this post. (Let me know if I'm totally off base.)

They are far from the first to have explosive artistic growth and struggle to get their feet/support base under them. Chicago is littered with the remains of groups that came, had an big impact and faded away.

If we learn from others' mistakes: (granted, looking at history we rarely do, but for the sake of argument...) was the failure in your leadership, or in no supporters/board members/mentors/patrons warning the entire group in advance of the dips and bumps that lie ahead?



I think all of us were too focused on the here and now to really consider the future. Times were good and we expected them to always be good. We were wrong.

Tony Adams

True, I think we all tend to focus on the here and now when times are good.

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