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March 24, 2010


Don Hall

This is true.

The guy who fixes the theater heating unit? That's an art.

The clean up crew who throws out the theater trash and cleans the washrooms? Artists.

The kid that puts up the posters for the next show or stuffs the subscription into programs? Art.

So...why are we paying to see those actors again?


- Why are we paying to see those actors?

The public is paying to see them perform their craft. I don't think anything I wrote undercuts that idea.

My point is that there are a lot of people with art within them, not just the people on stage. That doesn't mean they perform, but they could have many of the other skills a good artists has, i.e. the ability to listen well, engage creative thinking skills, etc.


I like that it's art to do what you do well.

It would be fun to amend that to, "It's art to do what feels satisfying to you."

Personally, the act of making art actually feels satisfying to me.
While entering donations into the database? Not so much.


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