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October 27, 2009




This is an interesting post and it gets right at the heart of some things I feel deeply conflicted about, so I hope to have something of my own to say responding to this sometime soon.

In the meantime... this, I think, is the question I have:
What are we do with the fact that Eurocentric arts organizations frequently have already gobbled up all of the funding and other resources in their areas? This is particularly true in theatre, and it's super-duper true in regional areas (not really chicago here but go with me on this one) that are centered around one large theater started in the 60's or 70's.

It seems to me that if your goal is to get diverse work out there, I could understand being wary of Kaiser's POV because in the real world where there's a funding climate that overly privileges people who already get grants and are already established, the end result will mean *less* not *more* non-eurocentric work.

that's my fear, anyway.

the other side of me feels basically in agreement with you and Kaiser and pretty much feels the same way about this that I did in my post about young people. if you want black people to come to your theater, put black people on stage and do plays written by black people not in february. if you don't want to do that, fine, don't do it. you're killing yourself over the long term, but it's your grave to dig etc. and so forth..

Tony Adams

Yeah, I'd agree with both you and Isaac. I'm actually okay with smaller companies doing euro-centric work. (Not so okay with 250 eurocentric companies to 10 that represent what our city actually looks like, but that's a different argument, I suppose.) I think Tuta is just as important to the Chicago landscape as Teatro Luna is.

However, the one big old asterisk is with the funding climate. If a LORT house is getting millions of dollars over the years to represent their community, they damn well better do that.

But we're in a weird time in our field where a lot of people don't think it is okay for institutions to not be diverse in terms of race or culture, but perfectly okay to ignore women.

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