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May 05, 2009




I often have to fight against a certain ascetic, puritanical streak that's part of my make-up, but I find that helping myself to something small but pleasant really gives me the motivation to keep going. It's sort of a reminder of all the good things to come with this small victory and a reward for a job well done.

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Qualities of success

In the modern pseudo-democracy that we have in the West, one of the qualities--I will use that term but remember I am only using it to help you--that helps greatly is the ability to be everything to everyone without a sense of shame or irony, especially if it is a new face. As long as they do not commit too much or too often or open contradict themselves in the same sentence it almost always will get by the masses as they have little critical thinking skill, and the candidate will know this. However this same bending as it comes attitude will prove to be a liability when the time comes to actually lead, because the ability to delegate and make hard choices is not present in that sort of persons character.

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