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February 26, 2009



I'm astonished that someone that high on the Chicago theatre food chain would have a lapse like that. As PR and Marketing guy for my own company, when we have press come in I make a point of reminding everyone involved with the production that I'll do all sorts of horrible things to them if they communicate directly with any reviewer as a result of a negative review. Lashing out at a critic always backfires. The worst case scenario is what's unfolding now- what was simply one negative review among many, many reviews that theatre (and the production) has received is now a nasty story, a black mark on the theatre's reputation that can be spread around. Not quite a PR nightmare, but getting there. There is nothing to be gained by getting in a pissing match with a critic who didn't like your show! In my opinion the only time you should respond directly to a critic is to politely point out any major *factual* error in the review- and even in that case the call is better placed to their editor.

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