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February 28, 2009


Lindsay Price

In this wobbly tightrope society, we might as well do what we love, because doing what we hate just to make money won't work anymore. We might as well be uncertain with what we love doing.

I recently did some research for a play on post doc scientists. And learned how there's a glut of them with no jobs for them to fill. And that you can work for no money for years in the post doc world and not get a job.

Do high school admins know this when they are pushing their students into 'stable' math & science? It was quite eye opening...


Loved this post! I hope you don't mind but I linked to it from my own blog: www.nancyjkenny.wordpress.com


I really appreciate and respect the sentiment of this post. I think it should also be noted that "the willingness to embrace uncertainty" is not a trait of the artist exclusively.

There are plenty of artists who are unable and unwilling to embrace uncertainty and plenty of doctors, and lawyers, and bankers who are.

A willingness to embrace uncertainty is a trait which can and does cut across all disciplines and professions. And, you are certainly right, those who are able to embrace and work with uncertainty are most likely to succeed. I would go farther and say, "at any time, not just times of uncertainty."

Of course, success, very often, is exactly what causes people to resist uncertainty in the end.

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