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February 11, 2009



"community's"? clearly, dance was not an asset to their grammer. But the bigger issue, i think, is how the community defines "value" and "damaged". I'm not trying to pick bones; I just think that my NC community has a different answer than my SoHo community, and it might come from how they define such terms. Just saying that I wish we'd ask questions like these with greater clarity/more grounded.

Scott Walters

"Community's" is correct -- it is the possessive of "community." And it's "grammar," not "grammer." Glass houses. Stones. And yes, indeed, each community would answer the questions differently -- that's the POINT!


Finally, a full fledged grammar spate has broken out. My life is complete. And to echo the prof, yes no two organizations (or the community they serve) would have the same answer


Well, I deserved that. Totally misread it. But I still think there are problems with the questions that are being overlooked here no matter how different each answer is.

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