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January 12, 2009



It's difficult to do a media buy on sites run by smaller critics because there's not enough separation between editorial and advertising with them. In many cases,the same person writing the reviews is who you'd be cutting a check to for clicks if you advertised on their site. If these sites eventually evolve the level of separation necessary, then advertising with them should be considered.

Nick Keenan

While I agree with Ed's hesitation, I couldn't agree more that losing good critics means losing ground with the way the public sees our entire industry. I don't think you're alone in thinking that, Adam... Any metacriticsm of theater critics in the past few years has largely focused on improving the quality of criticism in the traditional media, not replacing it.

While bloggers often are replacing the traditional print media's role in public dialogue, I know of very few theater bloggers who think that's an awesome thing in the short term. Any time a community loases an advocate, that's a bad day.

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