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I'm Adam Thurman and this is place where artists and those who work at artistic organizations can learn how to connect their work to an audience.

It's about marketing, but it's also about much more then that. It's about learning how to engage your audience, it's about how to position your organization or career for the long haul . . .

And it's about making money through your art. Ideally LOTS of money. If that concept bothers you this isn't the place for you.

Every week you'll get something for me on these topics. Could be an blog post, a link to a helpful video or article, or a chance for us to work together. Either way the goal for this place is to deliver a lot of value to you.

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Adam Thurman is President of Mission Paradox a solo consulting firm that focuses on marketing and branding issues. As part of Mission Paradox he has been a featured speaker for TedxBroadway, The Iowa Arts Summit and the Creative Chicago Expo. He also has worked overseas, doing two workshops on marketing for artists in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal.

As a freelance arts marketing consultant he has helped theatres, visual arts organizations, dance companies and many other types of artistic organizations connect their art to an audience. He has also been a consultant for smARTscope, a capacity building program funded by the Chicago Community Trust.

He is also Director of Marketing and Communications at one of the largest nonprofit theatres in the Midwest. During his tenure as Director of Marketing the theatre has had some of the highest grossing productions in their 60 year history. The theatre has exceeded ticket sales expectations 4 out of the last 5 seasons.

Adam is a former board member of the League of Chicago Theatres and has served on the Illinois Arts Council’s Advisory Panel. He has been recognized as an Emerging Leader by Americans For the Arts and the Theatre Communication Group.

He has also been featured in The LA Times, Time Out New York, the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Artist Resource.

In Fall 2014 he will begin adjunct teaching at Columbia College in Chicago. He will be teaching Entertainment Marketing.

He is also a member of supporTED, a mentorship program for TED Fellows.

He has two short marketing talks on video:

The Impact of a Gift -

Power and the Arts -

If you want to contact Adam you can email him at


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